According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, approximately 100 million Americans are currently affected by chronic pain. Each year 6 million auto accidents result in patients needing pain management treatment. That means pain management options are in high demand. But if you’re being held back by inadequate pain management medical billing practices, you may find it hard to grow your practice and to serve the needs of your patients.

You deserve to have top-tier solutions for pain management medical billing. Keeping up with pertinent regulations and ensuring compliance can feel like a full-time job. Without the right kind of support, your facility could easily fall behind or make mistakes with your billing. We’re here to help maximize your reimbursement, reduce turnaround times, and improve your overall collections process so your pain management practice can thrive.

We Can Help You Avoid Common Issues With Pain Management Medical Billing

At Sentinel Billing Solutions, we understand the unique challenges that come along with pain management coding and billing. Errors and delays lead to issues with cash flow, patient satisfaction, insurance reimbursement, and ongoing collections.

When you run a pain management facility, your number one priority is patient care. Rather than be bogged down with billing issues and plagued by constant frustration, you can entrust our experts to streamline your pain management medical billing process. You’ll access fast, reliable solutions to speed up collections through improved turnaround times and accurate, compliant coding. As a result, you’ll be able to save both time and money while ensuring that patients receive the attention they need.

Pain management is already challenging enough for medical and healthcare workers. Your billing process shouldn’t cause even more pain. At Sentinel Billing Solutions, we can assist you in maximizing your profits, improving the patient experience, and reducing costly mistakes. For more information or to get started, please contact our team today.

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