Dermatology services have reached new heights in recent years. The technology associated with skin treatment continues to grow and rise past anything seen before. Not only do dermatologists help patients with medical problems such as rashes, infections, and skin cancer, but they also are responsible for many cosmetic procedures as well. The growth of fillers and injections, thanks to social media, joined an already extensive amount of acne treatments taken on by dermatologists.

With all of the work, dermatologists do to keep up in the industry, it makes running dermatology medical billing on top of all that even more tricky. Many businesses find themselves making mistakes in their billing process as they are already busy treating patients. This can all pile up to be even more stressful, equaling even more mistakes.

If this all sounds familiar to you, you may be wondering what can be done to help your business. Luckily, that is where companies like Sentinel Billing come into play.

Learn About Our Dermatology Medical Billing Process

Drowning in dermatology medical billing on top of helping your patients does a disservice to both yourself, your team, and your patients. Here at Sentinel Billing, we take it as our personal mission to ease that stress off your back and take it on for you. With years of experience in the medical billing world, we bring expertise and 24/7 guidance to your business.

We pride ourselves on transparency. In order to do this, we allow 24/7 visibility to your account, something you may not find at our competitors. On top of that, there is always someone here that you can speak to if you have problems or questions about your account.
On top of financial visibility, we also offer financial flexibility. This comes in the form of different level packages. You can choose between comprehensive or partial medical billing packages to best fit the needs of your company. By working hand-in-hand with our team, the stress of dermatology medical billing on top of dermatology work can disappear.

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