Anesthesia is incredibly important for surgery and the recovery period. The anesthesiologist requires a wide range of knowledge from medications, understanding how the body functions, and how the body reacts to stress during surgery. Making sure the patient is charged correctly is crucial. The last thing the patient needs are changes to their bill. Not only can they end up paying more, but the anesthesiologist ends up facing reimbursement issues.

Factors such as time, base points, and unit values determine the amount the patient should the billed. We understand that there are strict federal guidelines that must be followed. By allowing us to focus on the billing and coding side of things, it will allow the doctors to focus on the patient.

How We Can Help Improve Your Anesthesiology Medical Billing Process

Not only do you want the medical procedure to run smoothly and the anesthesia to work properly, but you also want your patients to be billed correctly. Billing is another factor that affects a patient’s satisfaction with your facility. At Sentinel Billing, we can help this whole process become more efficient because we understand the complications that come with billing and coding.

By utilizing our anesthesiology medical billing services, we can help you maximize your cash flow, decrease overhead, and increase patient satisfaction. Because anesthesiologists are busy with procedures and patients, mistakes can happen. When mistakes are made, it can take months to correct that error once insurance companies are involved. We want to help remove that human error.

When you allow us to focus on the paperwork, that allows you to give your full undivided attention to your patients. Your patient’s health is your top priority and your patient’s billings become ours. At Sentinel Billing, we will help you increase your reimbursements and speed up and streamline your anesthesiology medical billing process. If you are ready to learn more, get in contact with our team today!

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