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Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions.

Certified Medical Coders

Our team of certified medical coders stay up to date with new coding guidelines and regulations to ensure clean claims for your benefit. Experienced in-office visits, injections, DME, surgeries, facility, and professional provider services. Accurate coding causes maximum reimbursement. Sentinel Billing Solutions offers daily claims entry for our valued clients, reducing the overall process time for our clients in addition to reducing overall administration cost. Our daily claims entry services offer the best of both worlds: saved time and saved money.

Electronic and
Paper Claim Submission

Although most of the claims we work with are in standardized electronic data, sometimes paper claims are necessary. In such a case, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with your CMS-1500 or UB-04 claim submissions.

Dedicated Follow Up

Sentinel Billing Solutions understands that a practice’s most common loss in revenue revolves around the lack of follow-up on outstanding accounts receivable, and responding in a timely manner to denials and inquiries.  Sentinel Billing Solutions has a highly qualified and dedicated team of collectors, with an individual account manager assigned to each account to ensure timely and appropriate responses and follow-up.


Sentinel provides in house attorney access. Our attorneys handle a wide range of legal issues while over seeing the company’s work. They are always available to answer any questions.

Government, Commercial,
and Private Billing

Health insurance providers often have multiple categories, but the two major groups in those categories are privately owned insurance companies and programs run by the government. No matter which category your insurance applies to, Sentinel Billing Solution is here to help.

Weekly / monthly
customized reports

When it comes to communication, Sentinel Billing Solutions is an industry leader.  We provide our clients with access to information on each and every claim, including access to a plethora of standardized reports such as Managed Care, Payment, and Aging reports.  With many more reports at our disposal, we also have the ability to customize reports to fit your practice’s individual needs.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Sentinel we know that motor vehicle accidents (MVA) claims can be time-consuming as well as difficult. Our solution is that we handle motor vehicle claims from start to finish by achieving the following: 

  • Verifying PIP/Med Pay benefits at time of registration
  • Submit claims in a timely manner 
  • Handling auto denials and coordinating benefits
  • Pursuing PIP/MED PAY reimbursement for MVA claims
  • Working closely with our experienced in-house attorneys
  • Filing liens in accordance to state laws and in a timely manner
  • Negotiating settlements to insure client satisfaction


Payment Posting/Adjustments

Payment posting involves posting payments, adjustments, and posting and tracking denials.  It is of utmost importance to revenue cycle management; if improperly resolved, this can result in lost revenue and inaccurate financial reporting.  With Sentinel Billing Solutions, you can be positive that any issues are properly and timely identified to allow our experts to get a job done right the first time.

Lien Follow-up/

Sentinel Billing Solutions is experienced in lien follow-up as well as financing. We provide an excellent flow of account follow-up and case status to our clients. Our experienced staff is excellent at building attorney and financial relationships to better serve and benefit your needs.

Managing Collections

Collections start with our skilled staff encouraging our clients to be transparent about their prices and leave the rest up to us. Sentinel Billing Solution will track and manage your results as a way to make improvements to your own processes that will benefit your business.

Insurance Verification, Financial Counseling, and Patient Inquiries

The insurance world is continuously changing and a lot of responsibility is left to the patient. Let Sentinel Billing Solutions make your life easier by verifying insurance coverage, providing financial counseling, handling patient inquiries, and pre-collecting all monies owed for any patient portion prior to any services being rendered.

A/R recovery

What does A/R recovery mean? It’s an Accounts Receivable Recovery program, designed to help with increasing efficiency and speeding up claims and reopening, giving you the best possible reimbursement from the insurance company. This program is what separates our company from our competitors, enabling us to track claims, information, and submit appeals as quickly as possible.

Get paid up front. Complete payments 40% to 50% faster.

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