Keeping patients’ electronic records safe should be a priority for every practice. The first step to ensure patient record safety is to connect with a trusted medical billing company. A trusted medical billing company will have the security features to ensure that patient records are fully guarded. Here are some other tips for keeping patient records safe.

1. Two-Step Authentication

The medical billing company will have several layers of protection on their end; you should have several layers on your end. Any employee with access to patient records should follow a two-step authentication protocol to access those records.

A breach of information in a medical practice can be costly in several ways. Taking steps to safeguard patient information is a must. According to, about 66% of patients worry that electronic information exchanges can compromise their information. 84% of patients report feeling confident that their records are safe. Don’t misuse that trust. Make sure you are using a two-step authentication process.

2. Do Periodic Audits of Your Systems

You can train and retrain your staff, but you should still have your systems periodically audited to ensure that everyone is doing their part to keep records safe. Make sure that the medical billing company that you choose is also regularly auditing its system to ensure security protocols are being followed.

Security checks are never a one-and-done type scenario. Security checks and audits should be done on a regular schedule. Catching a problem early on can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

3. If You Still Have Paper Records, Protect Them

Most practices are moving toward full electronic record management. However, you must protect “hard copy” records if you have not gotten there. Use a locked file cabinet and limit access to the cabinet to a handful of trusted employees who have been properly trained in record management.

Work closely with a trusted medical billing company to beef up your record keeping and to ensure patient records stay safe. The right company will have all the processes to ensure seamless electronic transfer. Contact Sentinel Billing Solutions today to learn more about how we can improve the safety of your patient records.