If your OB/GYN practice deals with a high volume of claim denials, it can be stressful as it hurts revenue. Unfortunately, claim denials are a common phenomenon, especially since many changes have been made to medical billing requirements. To help you avoid falling into or perpetuating this financial trap, here are some tips that help guarantee reimbursement for your services.

Keep Up to Date With Coding Requirements

This is an effective way of ensuring you don’t lose revenue in unpaid claims. Be sure to stay informed on any coding updates that apply to your OB/GYN practice. This is important because, in the last few years alone, several changes were made to the CPT code, and it’s easy to find yourself behind in terms of current best practices. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars, and it may be overwhelming trying to catch up all at once, especially if you run a busy practice.

Be Familiar With The Most Common Causes of Claim Denials

When it comes to OB/GYN medical billing, it’s always best to be aware of what leads to claim denials, so you can actively avoid making mistakes others have made. It’s also important to be aware of state-specific OB/GYN medical billing requirements. For instance, in Arizona, doctors must store medical records for all adult patients for at least six years after the last date of services.

Generally, the most common causes of OB/GYN denials include the following:

  • 99213 and 99214- Outpatient doctor, visit, level 3 and outpatient doctor visit, level 4, respectively
  • 99000 – Specimen handling office-lab
  • 81002 – Non-automated urinalysis without a scope
  • 36415 – Routine blood capture

Typically, these claims are denied for different reasons, including insufficient information, errors, the procedure isn’t covered separately, or it’s simply not covered.

Get Help From OB/GYN Medical Billing Experts

It’s a big loss when something as small as an error on a claim form can cost you thousands of dollars. It’s particularly difficult to avoid such areas if you regularly deal with a volume of claims. And although it’s possible to hire in-house experts to do it for you, finding the right candidates with specialized knowledge of OB/GYN medical billing is not as easy.

In that case, the perfect solution is to outsource to experts. This not only helps to ensure reimbursements keep coming in but also gives you plenty of time to focus on your business and maximize revenue.