Cybersecurity is continuously becoming more important with each new day and continues to affect different aspects of our lives. The healthcare industry is no exception. Data breaches cause trouble in different areas of the industry from patient records to general surgery, billing, and much more. Read on to see why cybersecurity has become a major threat in the healthcare industry.

There Is a Lot of Data in Healthcare Systems

The healthcare systems hold a lot of important information, from details of the conditions that some people have to critical financial information. This makes the healthcare industry a prime target for criminals who want to use this information for nefarious purposes. That said, a cybercriminal knows that they can make a killing by infiltrating this system. They may not care about the lives they place at risk through their criminal activities, as what they stand to get can be extremely valuable.

Most of the Population Is Already in the Healthcare System

As mentioned, the driving force behind cyberattacks is the information that can be stolen. Since almost everyone in the population has visited a hospital or two during their lifetime, it’s safe to assume that almost everyone’s data exists in the healthcare system in one way or another. For example, if you have ever undergone surgery, no matter how minor, you can be sure that your information is present in the general surgery billing section of the hospital you went to. This means that there are many reasons why different parties may want to hack into the healthcare system.

Hospitals Don’t Want to Change Existing Protocols

There are many people working in the healthcare industry at any given level. This includes cleaners, trainees, doctors, nurses, and other staff. Hospitals find a system that works well for their employees, and it may be hard for them to want to change what all their teams have become adept at using. With older systems, there are more threats than ever before. The refusal to upgrade by the industry in general or their slow adaptation of new practices furthers the problem and as time goes on, increases the risk.

Based on the three reasons above, it’s clear to see the importance of securing the healthcare industry against existing and new threats. According to a source, 90% of healthcare industry providers say that when collecting patient payments, including for general surgery billing, payment security is crucial. At Sentinel Billing Solutions, keeping you secure is at the top of our list of best practices. Give us a call so that we can work with you to maintain the security of your practice in the healthcare industry.