The healthcare system has changed significantly over the last decade. Significant shifts have happened from paper to electronic health records that provide medical billing solutions. As healthcare services develop, electronic health records have become common. In fact, over 95% of hospitals have adopted Electronic Health Records systems. According to the Institute of Career Continuity, about 60% of all office-based physicians possess a system to track patient care, improve the quality of care, and reduce costs. This has led to an increased demand for these types of systems. But despite using these services, many health facilities experience billing errors. Here are some reasons patients may receive incorrect bills.

1. Incorrect Coding

An incorrect code being entered into the system is a common problem that can create billing errors. Many medical providers use outdated codes. It may lead to incomplete or inaccurate claims. Also, this happens because of human error. It’s easy for providers to use incorrect codes when entering them into their electronic health records (EHR). But they don’t realize that these incorrect codes can cause costly billing errors.

2. Lack of Medical Billing Solutions

Many hospitals lack centralized medical billing solutions that can efficiently track and reconcile patient information. If hospital staff members work off different spreadsheets and databases, they may not identify where their mistakes occur.

3. Unstructured Data

The lack of structure can make identifying errors in patient records difficult. For example, suppose a patient has two separate visits with multiple services rendered. In that case, it becomes nearly impossible for a provider to determine what someone billed incorrectly without spending hours reviewing each chart line-by-line.

4. Patient Identification Errors

Patient identification errors occur when healthcare providers cannot correctly identify patients seeking medical care. They happen because staff misinterprets or misspells patient information given to them by patients or visitors.

5. Incomplete Documentation

If a physician does a procedure but cannot take notes, you can end up paying for this procedure twice. Once through insurance and again at the hospital. Even if a doctor takes detailed notes, there may still be incomplete information on file. The missing information can cause billing errors.

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