If you’re running a healthcare facility, you’ll have to decide how to manage your medical billing requirements. You can handle it internally or outsource it to a seasoned medical billing company. Medical billing can be challenging and time-consuming for healthcare practitioners occupied with patient care full-time. Such practices may find it beneficial to outsource their billing. Should you decide to outsource, here are three things to look for when searching for a new medical billing company.

1. Determine the Scale of Your Practice

When looking for the ideal medical billing firm, remember that different businesses specialize in different account sizes. Some are better prepared to manage large medical practices with numerous doctors who accept various insurance plans. Others focus on smaller practices with fewer doctors, limited budgets, and limited insurance carriers. Consider your practice’s size, budget, and recognized insurance carriers when determining which medical billing company is right for you.

2. Find A Company with Experience in Your Practice

For some practices, certain medical billing businesses are a better fit than others. Some medical billers specialize in a particular field. Others deal with a range of practices and have certifications in numerous fields of specialization. The most important thing to check before picking a medical billing company is their level of experience in your discipline. This is particularly important because inaccurate billing and coding are the leading causes of denied claims and revenue loss. You may want to work with a business that only specializes in your field. This can help you feel more confident that you’re dealing with the best professionals in the industry, and that you’ll have their full attention and assurance that errors will be minimal.

3. Ensure the Business is Compliant

All healthcare practices must strictly adhere to compliance rules and regulations. When discussing with potential medical billing companies, ask how they enforce compliance. You can also ask for a list of the steps they take to guarantee that each employee abides by the rules and regulations. The goal here is to make sure you are dealing with a reputable medical billing company that operates professionally, ethically, and as efficiently as possible.

According to TransUnion, 54% of insured Americans were occasionally or always baffled by medical bills. Medical billing companies can help bridge the gap and minimize errors by streamlining the billing process. If you’re searching for a reliable medical billing company, give us a call at Sentinel Billing Solutions to schedule a consultation.