Completing the medical billing process online is quickly becoming the industry standard. Online primary care medical billing has distinct advantages you can’t find with other billing methods, and it helps streamline the billing process. Here are three key reasons every medical practice should use online billing.

Faster Payments

If you’re still doing things the traditional way, you’re likely waiting longer than you need to for payments to process. Traditional billing requires bills to be printed and mailed. Online primary care medical billing, on the other hand, doesn’t require the time investment of printing and mailing statements. According to the Institute of Career Continuity, more than 95% of hospitals and more than 60% of private medical offices are now using Electronic Health Records to speed up processing, increase accuracy, and speed up billing processes. This indicates that migrating to online primary care medical billing is the natural choice for healthcare providers seeking a quicker, more efficient system.

Reduction in Billing Errors

Online medical billing helps to reduce data entry errors. Once a patient’s information is in the online billing system, it never has to be added again. That means there’s less human input in the billing process and, therefore, less human error. In this sense, automation can provide much more accuracy. Automating your billing process with online billing is safe and secure. As an additional benefit, e-statements are a more dependable delivery method than snail mail, meaning that information is less likely to get lost.

Convenience for Patients

Online billing makes it easier for patients to manage their payments. They receive an email, click on a link, make a payment, and go on with their day. They don’t have to wait for the mail to arrive, they don’t have to worry about managing payment records, and they can pay the bill day or night at their convenience. Patients can also see account activity and manage their billing records easily.

Online billing is beneficial for both your practice and your patients. It’s also good for the environment, as paperless statements are a great way to reduce waste. Online medical billing is an easier, more efficient way to manage your primary care medical billing. Contact Sentinel Billing to learn more about how you can use online billing to your advantage and improve the way your practice does business.